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sulphur remelter screw conveyor made in dubai
sulphur remelter extraction screw made in dubai

Spirohelix has revolutionized the conveying sciences by researching and investing in newer extraction designs for the Oil & Gas industry.

Sulphur which is one of the by-products of the drilling mud needs specialized equipment for separation of useful sulphur from sand and other contaminants.

Sulphur remelter screw conveyors for extraction are primarily shafted screw conveyors (shaftless in special cases) which are housed inside a tubular trough and their ends are extended into the melting vessel where molten sulphur is fractionally extracted. The complete system is designed, calculated and fabricated in Spirohelix’s facility in Dubai.

The system is made of Stainless Steel to withstand extreme corrosivity of sulphur in elevated temperatures inside the vessel and the screw body has bearing bodies on either end with intermediate hanger bearings for smooth dynamic movement.

The design also includes an infeed hopper with a grizzly screen that is used as an inlet for the dirty sulphur.

The dirty sulphur is then transported up into melting vessel via an inclined tubular screw conveyor that has a gear-drive of heavy-duty extreme temperature gearbox which helps in conveying the irregular granules of sand, mud and sulphur mixture.

Newer designs have Hardox wear plate augers that do not last long but give an extended performance in high abrasion due to the rough nature of sulphur mud. The entire system has mechanical seals that prevent high-temperature leaks during the conveying cycle of the operation. An independent electronic PLC unit is installed with the entire system for maintaining the temperature and revolutions of the infeed and extraction screws.

Spirohelix has done numerous projects in past of sulphur remelter screw conveyor systems and has made screw bodies up to 12 meters long and shaftless screw conveyors without intermediate bearings, all made of the stainless steel grade 316.

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