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shale shakers oil and gas drill solids transfer screw conveyors
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Drill solids screw conveyors are a typical machine in the oilfield for drill solids or cuttings transport, it is designed for drilling waste transport from one point to another effective and safe. A scroll is installed in the middle of the drill solids screw conveyor tank and rotated at speed of 60 / 72 RPM by a drive electrical motor. The drilling cuttings will be feed into the screw conveyor and drill waste will be transported along with the rotating scroll and discharge at the end of screw conveyor. 

The scroll will be sealed inside by a hinged metal cover and bolted down for safety purpose.

The screw conveyor normally feed straight from the shale shaker at solids control system or decanter centrifuge from solids controls system, the first set of screw conveyor will be horizontal to pick up solids from several sets of drilling mud recycling machine. 

The drilling waste will be unloaded utilizing a chute and will reach the end of the screw conveyor. The large distance will be manoeuvred it may be necessary to place several sections of screw conveyor join together to make it longer and meet the distance requirement.

There is a different size of the diameter of screw conveyor; the client needs to choose the suitable size of screw conveyor depends on drilling cuttings capacity and requirement. Other than screw conveyor, Spirohelix supplies a full line of drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer, oilfield decanter centrifuge, screw pump, mud tank, design service for a whole drilling waste management, etc.

The screw conveyor can be working continuously to feed drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer or from vertical cuttings dryer, but the inconvenient is straight transfer and long distance on space need. Please contact Spirohelix Steel Fabrications for a work proposal.