Auger Flight Forming

We make sectional helical auger flights of max thickness 60mm and diameters up to 3 meters. From very delicate screw conveying to ultra abrasive ground drilling, we are the only ones on the planet who you call.

Mass flow Screw feeder

Mass Flow Screw feeders are designed to ensure uniform removal of material from a silo across the full length of its outlet opening. Mass flow feeders are designed for extreme headload pressures, the frictional resistance of materials acting against the feeders flights and trough. Spirohelix mass flow screw feeders utilize a conical screw feed section in combination with variable pitch flights.

Sludge receiving station

The septic sludge is fed into the tank and, as it flows through the Fine Screen, all coarse material is retained. A screw conveyor with integrated screenings press removes the screenings from the tank, reduces their volume and weight and drops them into a container or bagging device. The entire treatment takes place in a fully enclosed system; odour nuisance is thus prevented.

Live Bottom Bin Auger

Spirohelix Dubai manufactures single and multiple auger Live Bottom Bin assemblies to remove product evenly at a given rate. Live bottom bins screw conveyor are designed to provide positive discharge of materials from storage into a process. Systems are engineered to your specific parameters to handle a wide selection of materials such as wood chips, sawdust, grains, sugar and many other.